In Memory

Carl Fleegel

Carl Fleegel

The following is the notification from Carl's family of his passing on June 30th 2013:

Today Carl W. Fleegel III made a trip to heaven, to smile down on the rest of us for eternity.  Hospice was such a blessing for this last week, as they eased his symptoms and did everything possible to make him comfortable.  He passed peacefully at 11:30 this morning with his wife, Mia; daughter, Laurie; and son-in-law, David, by his side.  He was able to speak with both his daughter, Katie; and son, John, last night after he made it known that he was ready to join God in heaven.

Last night, David performed a renewal of vows and ring exchange ceremony.  As a bit of background, Dad had removed his wedding ring for the first time in 40 years as he had to undergo testing and treatment for mesothelioma.  Mom had cut hers off after a bee sting on her ring finger, and then the two of them designed a new ring together a few months ago.  The plan was to have a ceremony on their anniversary on August 22 so they could once again exchange rings.  Instead, however, when Dad told us last night that he was ready to go, David performed the ceremony at his bedside.  While Dad had been having periods of confusion and sleepiness, for this exchange he was lucid and participating.  He was able to say, “I do” and he told Mom, “I love you, Mia”.  This was very important to him that they do this, and we are so grateful that God gave us the time with him aware and able.

Dad’s death brought calm to his exhausted body, and it was a blessing to see him finally at peace.  Thank you for being on this journey with Dad and with all of us.  The outpouring of love from friends and family from his entire life has been overwhelming, and he died knowing that he made a positive impact on this world.  In the end, that is what Dad’s life was about- family, friends, and being a good person in the eyes of God.

Rest in peace, Dad.  We all love you.  Your life is a job well done.